Sunday, 9 October 2011

Zero to Hero

Just a little update for today as I began my trading for the year. Due to the lack of top-flight fixtures today I chose to use the ASP system only as I felt that it was best suited for a day like today. I traded three games and as you can see from the *all new* P&L watch in the top right hand corner, I made £17.38. Although my target for weekends is £25 per day, I decided to stop after this as I have been busy setting up my new review of another system - soon to begin - and also working with the Bonus Bagging guys. The limit for requesting bets on Bonus Bagging is three per day, so I have utilised that today but all the bonuses have been used on games on tuesday so I will wait until they payout before updating. I must say though that so far it seems like a brilliant and very profitable service, I look forward to using it further.
Although each ASP game today looks brilliant (by its standards) on the P&L sheet, this is far from how the story went. 2 of the games went like clockwork and locked me in a great profit, but the Albinoleffe-Livorno game was quite the opposite. The game finished 4-0 and after Livorno went 2 up inside 15 minutes I was beginning to worry. They saw out the half at the same score but it was necessary for me to keep going into the second half on this one. After an early second half 3rd goal for Livorno and a large loss on the cards for myself, I was preparing to write a scathing review of the system and drop it completely. Due to fortunate circumstances, however, and shrewd moves from myself, I was able to grab the 2.34 price on Any Unquoted on the 55th minute (?!?!?!?! crazy odds I thought) and luckily saw a goal go in a minute after, putting me firmly in the green. This hasn't made me completely forgive the system though, I still think that it can be very time consuming for little amounts, and I don't really like the amounts risked per game, but I will continue to use it wherever I see fit.

That's all for now though, hopefully this week will be greener than grass.

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