Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Locked out

The inevitable downturn in luck has finally struck after my decent run of form, and I have started this week with a fairly large loss. It all started on Sunday night where a mix between poor decisions and bad luck contributed towards a £15 loss. Despite Sunday technically being last 'trading week', I have decided to take the loss onto this weeks total, in order to try and win it back. Basically, I was watching the odds during the X Factor results show (please don't judge me) and I was noticing a movement in the markets and I tried to jump on it before it was too late. Before I knew it, the market had been suspended as the votes were in and I wasn't fortunate enough that the person I had money on was voted out, so I lost the full £15. Bad start, but it has taught me to only stick to markets I am familiar with - football, football and FOOTBALL.
Monday didn't improve matters however, with the 'Paper Chaser' producing it's first significant loss of £12.80. It could have been significantly less, probably around £4 or £5, but for a big mistake on my part. I had carelessly forgotten at what odds I had entered the market and would have traded out earlier but for the mistaken odds in my mind. Like the previous example however, I shan't be making the same mistake twice.
So as Tuesday came I was harbouring a £27.80 loss, meaning I'd have to significantly step it up in order to reach my weekly target. During the day the Paper Chaser took another loss, this time a much smaller £1.32 on the Southampton game, as the odds didn't go the way I had wanted. For the evening, I prepared a couple of speculation bets and lined up three ASP games as well as a few goals market trades from the League One and Two fixtures, only for Murphy's Law to stick it's nose in... About half an hour before the kick offs my house mates at uni and I decided to nip to the shop to get some provisions for the coming evening, as you do, only to soon realise that we had all forgotten our keys, as you also do (if you are retarded). To cut a long story short we ended up smashing a back window to get in, and I missed all the opportunities I had laid out to trade. As annoying as it was, especially as it was a goal filled evening, it happens and I found it more funny than annoying to be honest. I did manage to place and land both of my speculation bets though, an over 1.5 goals treble and a single on Arsenal to go over 2.5, which brought in a £8.98 to slightly reduce the losses. Below are the results for the last few days. You will notice a few half time score wins/losses, these were from the ASP games which I had been intending on using but didn't get round to trading. My weekly total so far is -£17.74. Things definitely need to pick up so I can pay the broken window bill...

On a slightly more cheerful note, I have been running this blog for around 4 months now and on Sunday, for the first time ever, I hit over 100 page views for the day. This may not sound like too many but the amount of viewers have been rapidly increasing over the last few weeks and I am very thankful to everyone who has read my blog. At the moment I thoroughly enjoy both trading and writing about it, and as long as people are willing to read it, I will continue to write, so please continue to spread the word! The amount of comments and emails I have received recently has also increased, and I am more than happy to reply to any queries or advice wanted, so please keep them coming. The next landmark is 2000 all time views and it is quickly approaching, so I will keep you posted! Happy trading everyone, enjoy your week.


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    Drop Ben an email for a bit of help with the paper chaser.

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