Monday, 31 October 2011

Topsy Turvy week

This week certainly started abysmally as I was left with a whopping (for my budget) £41 loss going into the weekend, meaning I would have to clear almost £100 in a couple of days if I was to reach my weekly target. No chance, I thought. Midweek was pretty bad due to bad fortune and a few mistakes on my part which shall hopefully not be happening again. I am confident that from now on if the pre match trading routine takes a turn for the worst, I will be able to reduce my liabilities to a manageable amount. The £17 loss from the punt was a bit of a killer also, but with punting it tends to be swings and roundabouts, precisely why I'm not that keen on it. And also on reflection maybe it was a bit of a desperation bet, so maybe I should have just waited for the weekend instead.
As the weekend came I decided I needed to pull out all of the stops to reduce the deficit and hopefully make a little money. As I said last time, Saturday went very well and I experienced no losing trades. Sunday followed suit and was even more profitable, as I only lost one trade all day. After I had won a certain amount of money I was determined to reach the weekly £50 target and I am proud to say I did, after a mixture of general trading and ASP trading took us happily over the line. The ASP I used successfully on four games, particularly pleasing was the last game where I recorded my highest ever profit using the system, £10.07, albeit using higher stakes. For the Spurs game I traded the overs markets as well as laying the draw. The one loss came when I layed the 3-1 scoreline towards the end of the match, before trading out around the 86th minute for a small loss.
This means in total my weekly profit is £53.23, meaning I have secured my weekly target for a 3rd week in a row. In accordance with my new rules, 80% (rounded - £40) has been withdrawn, and 20% (£10) has been added to the bank, which now stands at £430. Also, this weeks results from the SBHQ are now up, you can find them here:

I hope you all enjoyed a profitable weekend and I wish you good luck for the coming week.

Results for week 3: Total - £53.23 (TFT - -£23.06 ASP - +£43.62 Other - +£27.87 )

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Golden day

Everything I touched today turned to gold and I did not lose one trade all day. Proceedings began in the early kick off with Chelsea and Arsenal where I traded the 3.5 goals market for a bit, but decided to get out quickly as the game was too open for my liking, this turned out to be quite wise in the end! The three O'clock kick offs continued very well as I used the ASP on three games of Norwich, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest, taking a profit in all three. They were all fairly straightforward, except the Nottingham Forest game which lacked the depth in the market, which was strange considering it had a lot of liquidity. Nevertheless I chose to back out of the market very early in the game to seal a profit on all but one extremely unlikely event. In addition to this I traded the unders markets in the Wigan-Fulham game, which was always destined to be a bore fest, as well as laying the draw in the Swansea-Bolton game and the Southampton-Middlesbrough game - neither disappointed. The only other action was my decision to lay Exeter at half time (2-1 up at Sheff Utd), a trade which would have eventually won, but I bottled it as the liquidity in the market wasn't good enough and I had a chance to get out at a good price and broke even.

In the late kick off between WBA and Liverpool I had a small scare with the ASP system as Liverpool took an early lead, but their flair soon petered out as per usual so I took a small profit. In my one speculation bet of the day further success ensued as I took a small amount from an over 1.5 treble. Overall I took a profit of £54.11 which is a fantastic sum given the awful midweek I had. This means that I am no longer at a loss and am even in profit of £12.34. I'm not sure how much trading I will get to do tomorrow as I have a bit of work to do at uni for Monday, but I will be trading a few games on the ASP system.

It was also a successful day for the SBHQ systems and I will be updating on Laytheodds soon. Below are the P+Ls for the day, you might notice a couple of half time score losses, but that was part of my ASP system, so as a whole they were all wins.

I received quite a few votes of confidence this week as I began to experience my first real down point of this blog, and I am very thankful to those who sent kind words. Good luck to everyone tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Tough weekend to come

I have had a miserable week so far and have left myself with a mountain to climb this weekend. In my last post I reported a £17.74 loss and the week hasn't picked up since. The paper chaser has continued to disappoint after it's very successful first week, and I'm not really sure what has caused the change in fortunes. It recorded a £6.96 loss on Wednesday, as well as a small £3.28 profit, and today it recorded a further £2.86 loss. Although the losses are fairly small still, it is frustrating because we saw last week how profitable it can be per trade when it goes in the right direction. The £6.96 loss was another mistake on my behalf, as I thought the kick off time was later than it actually was, so that is another lesson learnt. I may email the creator of TFT over the weekend to see if there is any advice he can give me regarding the paper chaser. I want to see if I am doing anything wrong or if I am just simply not catching the right games.
The real killer of the week though was an over 1.5 goals double on a couple of games midweek. You know things are going wrong when not one but both games let you down. This was one to forget but it meant a £17.49 loss. This means the total for the week is now a miserable -£41.77, leaving me with a big job for the weekend. I'll be trying to make back the deficit with a number of ASP games, trading various goal markets and a couple of speculation bets. I'm not sure how well I will fair but it will certainly test out my trading abilities. I'll also be continuing my review of SBHQ.

Good luck with your weekend trading everyone, I hope it's greener than green.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Locked out

The inevitable downturn in luck has finally struck after my decent run of form, and I have started this week with a fairly large loss. It all started on Sunday night where a mix between poor decisions and bad luck contributed towards a £15 loss. Despite Sunday technically being last 'trading week', I have decided to take the loss onto this weeks total, in order to try and win it back. Basically, I was watching the odds during the X Factor results show (please don't judge me) and I was noticing a movement in the markets and I tried to jump on it before it was too late. Before I knew it, the market had been suspended as the votes were in and I wasn't fortunate enough that the person I had money on was voted out, so I lost the full £15. Bad start, but it has taught me to only stick to markets I am familiar with - football, football and FOOTBALL.
Monday didn't improve matters however, with the 'Paper Chaser' producing it's first significant loss of £12.80. It could have been significantly less, probably around £4 or £5, but for a big mistake on my part. I had carelessly forgotten at what odds I had entered the market and would have traded out earlier but for the mistaken odds in my mind. Like the previous example however, I shan't be making the same mistake twice.
So as Tuesday came I was harbouring a £27.80 loss, meaning I'd have to significantly step it up in order to reach my weekly target. During the day the Paper Chaser took another loss, this time a much smaller £1.32 on the Southampton game, as the odds didn't go the way I had wanted. For the evening, I prepared a couple of speculation bets and lined up three ASP games as well as a few goals market trades from the League One and Two fixtures, only for Murphy's Law to stick it's nose in... About half an hour before the kick offs my house mates at uni and I decided to nip to the shop to get some provisions for the coming evening, as you do, only to soon realise that we had all forgotten our keys, as you also do (if you are retarded). To cut a long story short we ended up smashing a back window to get in, and I missed all the opportunities I had laid out to trade. As annoying as it was, especially as it was a goal filled evening, it happens and I found it more funny than annoying to be honest. I did manage to place and land both of my speculation bets though, an over 1.5 goals treble and a single on Arsenal to go over 2.5, which brought in a £8.98 to slightly reduce the losses. Below are the results for the last few days. You will notice a few half time score wins/losses, these were from the ASP games which I had been intending on using but didn't get round to trading. My weekly total so far is -£17.74. Things definitely need to pick up so I can pay the broken window bill...

On a slightly more cheerful note, I have been running this blog for around 4 months now and on Sunday, for the first time ever, I hit over 100 page views for the day. This may not sound like too many but the amount of viewers have been rapidly increasing over the last few weeks and I am very thankful to everyone who has read my blog. At the moment I thoroughly enjoy both trading and writing about it, and as long as people are willing to read it, I will continue to write, so please continue to spread the word! The amount of comments and emails I have received recently has also increased, and I am more than happy to reply to any queries or advice wanted, so please keep them coming. The next landmark is 2000 all time views and it is quickly approaching, so I will keep you posted! Happy trading everyone, enjoy your week.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Strange times

A rather bitter-sweet weekend overall after today's disaster at Old Trafford, but maybe the less said about that the better. On a trading front the week was sealed before the 3 o'clock kick offs, as I was able to take advantage of the Wolves-Swansea game which I was sure would produce goals. I placed a big bet friday night on the goals markets hoping that people would wake up and I could lay it off for a profit. It didn't happen and it actually went the other way, leaving me with a couple of losses adding up to around £10. I debated not trading out before the game, but leaving a bet of over £200 on would have broken my rules severely, so I took the loss and traded with smaller stakes. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal to a professional, I was pretty pleased with myself for resisting the huge temptation of continuing with the large stakes, as I could have potentially blown my bank. After taking the losses I started again with smaller stakes and managed to make a good profit from the goals market and from laying Swansea at low odds. I also traded it with the ASP system and it once again proved profitable, though it would have been a much bigger win had I not made a big mistake whilst trying to get used to the Geek's Toy software... my bad. I'm sure whoever took my 0-0 correct score bet when it was 1-0 Swansea was feeling very pleased indeed.

As I had already well exceeded my target of £50 by accumulating a total of £64.52 for the week, I took the rest of Saturday afternoon to watch the football and continue my trial of Soccer Betting HQ, results of which can be seen here: Today I also took part in no trading. I look forward to the coming week as I will look to continue the good run shown by the Total Football Trading package, and with my increased bank size guaranteed to help big in bigger profits, I believe it is feasible to reach my weekly target before the weekend.

Results for week 2: Total - £64.52 (TFT - £41.09, ASP - £3.53, Other £19.91) 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Situation facing the weekend

I have had an excellent week in the pre-match markets. The 'Paper Chaser' method from the Total Football Trading package has continued to bring in the goods, with three successful trades during midweek. The total accumulated from wednesday, thursday and today is £29.04 taking the weekly total to £47.44 already. If it continues to do so well in midweek I may be tempted to raise my weekly total more than the proposed £10 after 4 weeks, but I'll wait a couple more weeks before deciding this. Whilst I'm on the subject of changing my rules I have also decided to increase my bank to £420 and I will be withdrawing 80% of my weekly profits, not 90%, in order to get my bank up a bit.
Due to having almost reached my target, I will be using the ASP system on a couple of three o'clock kick offs tomorrow as well as trading the goals market in the Wolves-Swansea game at 12.45. I think that the market has slightly underestimated the goals potential in this match and I should be able to make a few quid off of it. Should I make a loss tomorrow I will think of a contingency plan for sunday but at the moment I am in a very comfortable position.
I will do a weekly round-up on sunday evening. Good luck with any weekend trading.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pre match trading

After a good first week I will be looking to carry it on into the coming month (naturally) #genericbettingtalk. As I have mentioned before, I have always been interested in pre match trading, mainly because anything can happen during a game so it would appear to be a much safer form of betting. This weekend I got my hands on the Total Football Trading package which I have heard so many good things about recently. The package is quite expensive at $77, but for your money you get a large range of systems, both in play and pre game. I have only been able to read through one of the chapters so far as I have been pretty busy, but I am extremely impressed with what I have seen. Section one details three pre match techniques, entitled the 'paper chaser', 'day trader' and 'power hour', some of which more experienced traders may have heard of before as I believe they're reasonably well known, but its the first time I have read in detail about them. Out of the three, I'd say paper chaser seems to be the most effective and yesterday I used it on the Bilbao match, securing a 9 tick profit of £17. Whilst I had to stake a lot (£300) to achieve such an amount, I don't consider it breaking my staking rules as that amount is never really at stake. Discipline is quite important for this one, as it always is, because if the trade moves 4 or 5 ticks in the wrong direction, you need to be prepared to trade out for the loss - something I had to do today. Today was a far less successful day as I didn't really stick to the rules laid out by the handbook. I was so desperate to enter the market that I entered too late and just had to take the losses in the end, luckily they were only small though.
On top of yesterday's pre match win I had a small double on Inter Turku vs Haka to go over 1.5 goals and Malmo vs Syrianska to go under 3.5, which brought in a decent £6.36. This means after two days my weekly total is £18.40, leaving me well on my way towards my weekly target.
I have decided to take Bonus Bagging results out of my weekly total. Last week a large proportion of the £50 won was made through the Bonus Bagging service, and I don't think I can really include this in my trading profits. I will still update you on how much I win from it however, it will just be in a separate total from the rest. Today I cashed out a very nice £113, leaving my total profits from the service at £136.26.
Tonight I had no bets or trades on, so nothing to report apart from the small losses I achieved from the pre match trading (shown below). Sunday's results from the SBHQ can be seen here:
As a completely unrelated side note, last night I went to see Steven Merchant (those of you thinking 'who?' should hang your heads in shame) on his stand up tour 'Hello Ladies' in Birmingham. I am only mentioning this as it was probably one of the funniest two hours of my life (and I have been to many stand up gigs) and I fully recommend it to anyone who can get a ticket.
On that note, goodnight and have a good midweek.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Successful Saturday

Today was an almost perfect day as everything came in for me. The main selection of the day Frankel and Gamba over 1.5 came in with ease, rewarding me with an easy £23.64 profit. The second smaller treble also came in winning me £3.51 profit, though after two results had come in and the third selection had a goal in its game already, I decided to lay over 1.5 goals (just to be sure) which took £0.85 off the total, but still took me over the £25 limit. Sticking to my rules, I didn't activate the back-up games I had planned and continue to bet, which was good as it allowed me a chance to have to test out the Soccer Betting HQ on the Premier League games. I'll update on laytheodds soon and you can see how it went following the link on the right.

I didn't get to withdraw as much from Bonus Bagging as I thought I would today as a lot of the bets take a few goes before I am allowed to withdraw it, but it will come. So today the only withdrawal was a £13.33 bet from Getwin. I have said this before but the system is so easy to use and I fully recommend it to anyone. Yesterday I was told that I have used up all the free bets which Mike supports, a fear I had when beginning the service, but he told me that it doesn't end here and that now I will move on to spread betting and casino bonuses. I'm not very familiar with spread betting but if it is as easy as everything else has been it should be no problem. Only thing is I apparently need about £500 to do it so it requires much more capital than normal.

Before today my weekly total was £29, so taking into account today's winnings I am now up to £55.30 for the week, meaning my involvement should stop for the week. Because of this I will not be doing any speculation betting tomorrow, and will probably stick to testing the SBHQ systems further.

Hope you all had a good Saturday and enjoyed Frankel's win.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Weekend ahead

Tomorrow I have an interesting day of betting with speculation being my main form of potential income. The United-Liverpool game is on early so any trading I do won't begin until the three o'clock kick offs as I can't watch United and trade at the same time, especially when playing Liverpool! My biggest bet of the day will be reserved for the unstoppable Frankel, mentioned before his last race, as he takes on the Queen Elizabeth II stakes at Ascot. Due to the unattractive odds of 1.35 I will be doubling him up with an early KO of 08.00 in the J-league between Nagoya and Gamba Osaka - to go over 1.5 goals. This will give me around £23 profit from my £40 stake. This is just under the £25 target for weekend days so I'll have another over 1.5 accumulator on of: C-Osaka vs Kofu (J League 05.00), Exeter vs Huddersfield (Eng Lge One 15.00) and Lillestrom vs Stabaek (Tipplegaen 17.00) at odds 1.7. I will have £5 on this, in order to win £3.51.

Obviously I am accounting for if these two bets are to be successful, but in the case that they aren't I have a couple of other games to use. I will use the ASP system to trade Evian TG and St Etienne at 18.00, as well as Catania vs Inter at 17.00 and possibly a few more yet, I am still researching those. As for the three o'clock kick offs I will probably leave them to trade with the Soccer Betting HQ instead for the first time over a weekend. You can keep updated on this by following my review on lay the odds. One last ditch money making attempt would be to trade the goal markets in the Ceara vs Flamengo match at 22.00. Should my double and treble come in, however, I will not use the ASP or the Brazilian match. Although it would seem like I have a lot to lose for tomorrow, I have a number of Bonus Bagging stakes to be returned so I should be in for a big day tomorrow regardless.

That's all for tonight. Have a good weekend everyone and be profitable.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A new review

There is not much to say today in terms of trading activity. Like I said before there isn't a great choice of games on this week so I haven't been up to much. I traded the Malmo-Hacken game to make a small £2.77 but not much else has been available and I don't want to force bets. What I have been doing however, is utilising the Bonus Bagging service. At present I have about 7 bets in the cyber world waiting to be settled so I can cash out, but with the lack of fixtures it's hard to match up bets quickly. So far I have cashed out £17.43 from one bet with a lot more to come.
In other news my review of Soccer Betting HQ is up and running and you can view it here: Any trading I do with it, whether it be profitable or not, I will not include in my weekly totals as it will probably break the rules I set out before and I will also be using a separate bank for this anyway. After the trial period I will decide whether or not to add it to my portfolio.
That's about it for now, can't wait for the weekend.
Good luck all.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

11th October International dullness

Thankfully the international break is now over, though it has actually treated me pretty well today. The ASP system works a treat when the less interesting teams get together to see what they can do, which is normally nothing. I missed out big time when I got home too late to enter the Greece match, as it would have panned out perfectly for me, but as it happens it didn't matter too much. I used the Slovenia-Serbia and Bulgaria-Wales matches and was saved by a 45th minute goal in each game to turn decent profit of £9.97 and £4.54. It's good to savour these moments because I'm sure I'll be wishing for that last minute goal plenty of times when it won't come. Incidentally, I started a new P+L sheet from Sunday for the ASP as this is kind of a new start, and the old sheet was on -£1 anyway, so practically even.
Aside from this, I made a few quid here and there doing a bit of scalping, as well as some pre-match trading which I have mentioned before I am very interested in. I'm going to look into developing this as the season goes on. The Betfair P+L sheet below is distorted somewhat as it shows £66.10, this is because of the large wins on the Georgia and Poland games which were part of the matched betting from Bonus Bagging, so it isn't all profit. The actual profit amount for tonight is a more modest £16.80, but it is at least well over the £10 per night target for weekdays.
On the subject of Bonus Bagging, it has so far been going well though I am yet to lock in profit, due to the games being selected for me being ages away! Yesterday, due to a mistake from the owner on an outdated bet, I lost £8 (which will be subtracted from the weekly total) but I am sure I will make that back soon. The system itself could not be more straightforward, with 'Mike' laying everything out on a plate for you to do, and the only real ball-ache is registering with loads of new bookies - but for £10+ a pop, this really isn't much of a big deal. My only concern to date (apart from the out-of-date bet) is the obscurity of the bookmakers which are being thrown up, but I shall trust Mike's opinion that these are all secure and good enough.
That's it for now, my review on should be up and running soon as I have had a look through the manual and have written the introduction to the system, which I can now reveal as being Soccer Betting HQ ( I wasn't blown away by the manual but it does have some interesting techniques and I will look forward to reviewing them nevertheless.
From Monday 11th October my weekly total is £8.80. My overall total is £26.18. Can't see that I'll be doing much midweek trading with the non-existent fixture list available, but this weekend should bring good things. Have a good midweek all.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Zero to Hero

Just a little update for today as I began my trading for the year. Due to the lack of top-flight fixtures today I chose to use the ASP system only as I felt that it was best suited for a day like today. I traded three games and as you can see from the *all new* P&L watch in the top right hand corner, I made £17.38. Although my target for weekends is £25 per day, I decided to stop after this as I have been busy setting up my new review of another system - soon to begin - and also working with the Bonus Bagging guys. The limit for requesting bets on Bonus Bagging is three per day, so I have utilised that today but all the bonuses have been used on games on tuesday so I will wait until they payout before updating. I must say though that so far it seems like a brilliant and very profitable service, I look forward to using it further.
Although each ASP game today looks brilliant (by its standards) on the P&L sheet, this is far from how the story went. 2 of the games went like clockwork and locked me in a great profit, but the Albinoleffe-Livorno game was quite the opposite. The game finished 4-0 and after Livorno went 2 up inside 15 minutes I was beginning to worry. They saw out the half at the same score but it was necessary for me to keep going into the second half on this one. After an early second half 3rd goal for Livorno and a large loss on the cards for myself, I was preparing to write a scathing review of the system and drop it completely. Due to fortunate circumstances, however, and shrewd moves from myself, I was able to grab the 2.34 price on Any Unquoted on the 55th minute (?!?!?!?! crazy odds I thought) and luckily saw a goal go in a minute after, putting me firmly in the green. This hasn't made me completely forgive the system though, I still think that it can be very time consuming for little amounts, and I don't really like the amounts risked per game, but I will continue to use it wherever I see fit.

That's all for now though, hopefully this week will be greener than grass.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bonus Bagging

This one is plain and simple: the creator helps you bag the bonuses. It is very similar to matched betting, it even is matched betting in some cases, as well as finding casino bonuses and others. Now you may ask why this sounds appealing to buy when anyone can do matched betting for free? Well basically, it is almost effortless for those of us with not enough time. It comes at a very cheap £27 (plus an extortionate £5.40 VAT charge) and offers almost constant support to its subscribers. The creator Mike claims to be able to find you unlimited amounts of new bookmaker offers, reloads and bonuses, no matter how many bookmakers accounts you already hold (which in my case is quite a lot). I am thoroughly intrigued in this system if it does what it says it can do. Further analysis will follow and I will keep you updated on how this one works out.
As for the other system I will be reviewing, I had received the manual I just need to read it and start using it before I can update, but I'll keep you posted.
Stay Green.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A new start

At long long last I am up and ready to go with my plans for this season and I cannot wait. Today I will just run through what I have in store and preview a couple of the things, I haven't yet begun any proper trading due to the internationzzzzzzzzzzzzzal break.

Right, so to start things off I have my rules for general trading. My starting bank is going to be £300 and my profit target is going to be £50 profit per week. 10% of which I will add to my betting bank, with the remaining 90% being withdrawn. £50 will be my starting target and if I am successful 4 weeks in a row, I will then increase my target by £10. If I continually make consistent profits I might look into raising my target to larger amounts, but let's not get ahead of ourselves too quickly now! The key to this is patience and discipline, and both are going to be extremely difficult to control. In an attempt to curb any temptations or bad habits, I have written out a number of guidelines to help me through. The idea is that being relatively young (20) time is on my side and if I can kick the bad habits short term I can profit big time long term. So here goes:

When trading generally (i.e. not using systems)...

  • Champions League betting is prohibited due to volatility, lack of stats and form, and vast differences between domestic and European form. Domestic cups are also excluded.
  • As stakes will be low, do not be tempted to bet on stupid things, or attempt to chase losses.
  • Maximum loss per day is £50, if this is reached betting for the day is over. Also means max bet is £50.
  • A list of teams to stay away from will be compiled over time. Already on list: Arsenal, Wigan, Swansea, Norwich, QPR, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • With weekly target at £50, the daily target for weekdays is £10 and £25 on Sat/Sun. If this amount is reached betting for that day should end. This is to prevent getting carried away.
  • If any of these rules are broken, even if it results in a winning trade, I am to take a day off from betting completely. It is important to be extremely strict.
I will look to make the targets by using a number of trading methods. I will be using my own methods, along with general betting, as well as a number of purchased systems. I will continue my review of the ASP system, and hopefully will be able to give it a proper go this time. In addition to this I will be reviewing another system on an external site, most likely on I have just registered to be a reviewer and they are setting me up a system as we speak, so when it is in motion over there I will provide links to my report. For those of you who prefer standard straightforward tipping, I will be providing a number of tips each week also on an external site called Due to the stipulations in the terms and connies I am *annoyingly* not allowed to replicate my tips on my blog, but, again, I will provide a link to my tips each week. You can view my profile here: I have been tipping for a short while and started poorly but I am now back in form. As a side note, I highly recommend this site to anyone involved in tipping. It adds a bit of interest to be in monthly competitions against other tipsters, and you can win prizes if you are any good. It also forces you to have a lot of basis and analysis for your bets as there is a minimum limit of 100 words. (Though to be fair I think that anyone can make any bet sound appealing by manipulating the right statistics, but that is another issue!) 
Lastly, I have purchased the popular service Bonus Bagging, something which I have read an awful lot of good things about. I will keep you updated on how this goes also, as well as producing daily and weekly P+Ls and trying to update you with as many bets as I can handle. Some days you might have to excuse me as I may have work on meaning I cannot update, but I shall endeavour to be as regular as possible. I may also add Total Football Trading to my portfolio at some point, as I have heard it covers pre-match betting, something I am very interested in, but I will see how this lot goes before I jump into that.
Furthermore, I will be attempting to operate in a number of long term markets over the season, primarily the Premier League Winners market. The league is such a roller coaster and odds of United at 1.8 to win the league are preposterous for this time of year. My aim is to have United, Chelsea and City in green of around £1000 by the end of the season. Currently I am at -£96 United, +£89 City, +153 Chelsea, +£64 Arsenal, -£32 everyone else. The price of 1.26 on Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga also looks outrageous. Admittedly they look a class ahead at this moment in time, but I cannot see how they will not hit a patch of bad form. They did draw 0-0 at the weekend... who knows.
Anyway though, I think that may well be everything for now. I will be doing more detailed reviews of Bonus Bagging and the review I get for laytheodds in the future, but this has just been an intro to my plans. Not sure if I will be trading much over the next few days due to the volatility in the international market with many teams already qualified. I will be beginning to use Bonus Bagging though so I will keep you updated.
Til then though, good luck with anything you're up to. And good luck me too.