Saturday, 15 October 2011

Successful Saturday

Today was an almost perfect day as everything came in for me. The main selection of the day Frankel and Gamba over 1.5 came in with ease, rewarding me with an easy £23.64 profit. The second smaller treble also came in winning me £3.51 profit, though after two results had come in and the third selection had a goal in its game already, I decided to lay over 1.5 goals (just to be sure) which took £0.85 off the total, but still took me over the £25 limit. Sticking to my rules, I didn't activate the back-up games I had planned and continue to bet, which was good as it allowed me a chance to have to test out the Soccer Betting HQ on the Premier League games. I'll update on laytheodds soon and you can see how it went following the link on the right.

I didn't get to withdraw as much from Bonus Bagging as I thought I would today as a lot of the bets take a few goes before I am allowed to withdraw it, but it will come. So today the only withdrawal was a £13.33 bet from Getwin. I have said this before but the system is so easy to use and I fully recommend it to anyone. Yesterday I was told that I have used up all the free bets which Mike supports, a fear I had when beginning the service, but he told me that it doesn't end here and that now I will move on to spread betting and casino bonuses. I'm not very familiar with spread betting but if it is as easy as everything else has been it should be no problem. Only thing is I apparently need about £500 to do it so it requires much more capital than normal.

Before today my weekly total was £29, so taking into account today's winnings I am now up to £55.30 for the week, meaning my involvement should stop for the week. Because of this I will not be doing any speculation betting tomorrow, and will probably stick to testing the SBHQ systems further.

Hope you all had a good Saturday and enjoyed Frankel's win.


  1. hey man, just leeting you know that i have added your blog to my list.

  2. Cheers, have done same for you. Good luck.