Sunday, 23 October 2011

Strange times

A rather bitter-sweet weekend overall after today's disaster at Old Trafford, but maybe the less said about that the better. On a trading front the week was sealed before the 3 o'clock kick offs, as I was able to take advantage of the Wolves-Swansea game which I was sure would produce goals. I placed a big bet friday night on the goals markets hoping that people would wake up and I could lay it off for a profit. It didn't happen and it actually went the other way, leaving me with a couple of losses adding up to around £10. I debated not trading out before the game, but leaving a bet of over £200 on would have broken my rules severely, so I took the loss and traded with smaller stakes. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal to a professional, I was pretty pleased with myself for resisting the huge temptation of continuing with the large stakes, as I could have potentially blown my bank. After taking the losses I started again with smaller stakes and managed to make a good profit from the goals market and from laying Swansea at low odds. I also traded it with the ASP system and it once again proved profitable, though it would have been a much bigger win had I not made a big mistake whilst trying to get used to the Geek's Toy software... my bad. I'm sure whoever took my 0-0 correct score bet when it was 1-0 Swansea was feeling very pleased indeed.

As I had already well exceeded my target of £50 by accumulating a total of £64.52 for the week, I took the rest of Saturday afternoon to watch the football and continue my trial of Soccer Betting HQ, results of which can be seen here: Today I also took part in no trading. I look forward to the coming week as I will look to continue the good run shown by the Total Football Trading package, and with my increased bank size guaranteed to help big in bigger profits, I believe it is feasible to reach my weekly target before the weekend.

Results for week 2: Total - £64.52 (TFT - £41.09, ASP - £3.53, Other £19.91) 

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