Friday, 28 October 2011

Tough weekend to come

I have had a miserable week so far and have left myself with a mountain to climb this weekend. In my last post I reported a £17.74 loss and the week hasn't picked up since. The paper chaser has continued to disappoint after it's very successful first week, and I'm not really sure what has caused the change in fortunes. It recorded a £6.96 loss on Wednesday, as well as a small £3.28 profit, and today it recorded a further £2.86 loss. Although the losses are fairly small still, it is frustrating because we saw last week how profitable it can be per trade when it goes in the right direction. The £6.96 loss was another mistake on my behalf, as I thought the kick off time was later than it actually was, so that is another lesson learnt. I may email the creator of TFT over the weekend to see if there is any advice he can give me regarding the paper chaser. I want to see if I am doing anything wrong or if I am just simply not catching the right games.
The real killer of the week though was an over 1.5 goals double on a couple of games midweek. You know things are going wrong when not one but both games let you down. This was one to forget but it meant a £17.49 loss. This means the total for the week is now a miserable -£41.77, leaving me with a big job for the weekend. I'll be trying to make back the deficit with a number of ASP games, trading various goal markets and a couple of speculation bets. I'm not sure how well I will fair but it will certainly test out my trading abilities. I'll also be continuing my review of SBHQ.

Good luck with your weekend trading everyone, I hope it's greener than green.

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