Saturday, 22 October 2011

Situation facing the weekend

I have had an excellent week in the pre-match markets. The 'Paper Chaser' method from the Total Football Trading package has continued to bring in the goods, with three successful trades during midweek. The total accumulated from wednesday, thursday and today is £29.04 taking the weekly total to £47.44 already. If it continues to do so well in midweek I may be tempted to raise my weekly total more than the proposed £10 after 4 weeks, but I'll wait a couple more weeks before deciding this. Whilst I'm on the subject of changing my rules I have also decided to increase my bank to £420 and I will be withdrawing 80% of my weekly profits, not 90%, in order to get my bank up a bit.
Due to having almost reached my target, I will be using the ASP system on a couple of three o'clock kick offs tomorrow as well as trading the goals market in the Wolves-Swansea game at 12.45. I think that the market has slightly underestimated the goals potential in this match and I should be able to make a few quid off of it. Should I make a loss tomorrow I will think of a contingency plan for sunday but at the moment I am in a very comfortable position.
I will do a weekly round-up on sunday evening. Good luck with any weekend trading.


  1. Hi. Ive added your blog to mine. I also purchased a copy of the TFT ebook, but as yet I haven't used it. I'm going to keep an eye on your blog and see how you you fare. Good luck with your trading.

  2. Cheers mate, I have added your blog to mine also. Good luck with your trading.

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