Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pre match trading

After a good first week I will be looking to carry it on into the coming month (naturally) #genericbettingtalk. As I have mentioned before, I have always been interested in pre match trading, mainly because anything can happen during a game so it would appear to be a much safer form of betting. This weekend I got my hands on the Total Football Trading package which I have heard so many good things about recently. The package is quite expensive at $77, but for your money you get a large range of systems, both in play and pre game. I have only been able to read through one of the chapters so far as I have been pretty busy, but I am extremely impressed with what I have seen. Section one details three pre match techniques, entitled the 'paper chaser', 'day trader' and 'power hour', some of which more experienced traders may have heard of before as I believe they're reasonably well known, but its the first time I have read in detail about them. Out of the three, I'd say paper chaser seems to be the most effective and yesterday I used it on the Bilbao match, securing a 9 tick profit of £17. Whilst I had to stake a lot (£300) to achieve such an amount, I don't consider it breaking my staking rules as that amount is never really at stake. Discipline is quite important for this one, as it always is, because if the trade moves 4 or 5 ticks in the wrong direction, you need to be prepared to trade out for the loss - something I had to do today. Today was a far less successful day as I didn't really stick to the rules laid out by the handbook. I was so desperate to enter the market that I entered too late and just had to take the losses in the end, luckily they were only small though.
On top of yesterday's pre match win I had a small double on Inter Turku vs Haka to go over 1.5 goals and Malmo vs Syrianska to go under 3.5, which brought in a decent £6.36. This means after two days my weekly total is £18.40, leaving me well on my way towards my weekly target.
I have decided to take Bonus Bagging results out of my weekly total. Last week a large proportion of the £50 won was made through the Bonus Bagging service, and I don't think I can really include this in my trading profits. I will still update you on how much I win from it however, it will just be in a separate total from the rest. Today I cashed out a very nice £113, leaving my total profits from the service at £136.26.
Tonight I had no bets or trades on, so nothing to report apart from the small losses I achieved from the pre match trading (shown below). Sunday's results from the SBHQ can be seen here: http://laytheodds.com/latest-review-posts/2011/10/18/soccer-betting-hq-day-3/
As a completely unrelated side note, last night I went to see Steven Merchant (those of you thinking 'who?' should hang your heads in shame) on his stand up tour 'Hello Ladies' in Birmingham. I am only mentioning this as it was probably one of the funniest two hours of my life (and I have been to many stand up gigs) and I fully recommend it to anyone who can get a ticket.
On that note, goodnight and have a good midweek.

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  1. Nice blog, good to see some system reviews and work going on - not a route I've ever pursued personally so I'll read the outcomes carefully.