Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bonus Bagging

This one is plain and simple: the creator helps you bag the bonuses. It is very similar to matched betting, it even is matched betting in some cases, as well as finding casino bonuses and others. Now you may ask why this sounds appealing to buy when anyone can do matched betting for free? Well basically, it is almost effortless for those of us with not enough time. It comes at a very cheap £27 (plus an extortionate £5.40 VAT charge) and offers almost constant support to its subscribers. The creator Mike claims to be able to find you unlimited amounts of new bookmaker offers, reloads and bonuses, no matter how many bookmakers accounts you already hold (which in my case is quite a lot). I am thoroughly intrigued in this system if it does what it says it can do. Further analysis will follow and I will keep you updated on how this one works out.
As for the other system I will be reviewing, I had received the manual I just need to read it and start using it before I can update, but I'll keep you posted.
Stay Green.

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