Sunday, 30 October 2011

Golden day

Everything I touched today turned to gold and I did not lose one trade all day. Proceedings began in the early kick off with Chelsea and Arsenal where I traded the 3.5 goals market for a bit, but decided to get out quickly as the game was too open for my liking, this turned out to be quite wise in the end! The three O'clock kick offs continued very well as I used the ASP on three games of Norwich, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest, taking a profit in all three. They were all fairly straightforward, except the Nottingham Forest game which lacked the depth in the market, which was strange considering it had a lot of liquidity. Nevertheless I chose to back out of the market very early in the game to seal a profit on all but one extremely unlikely event. In addition to this I traded the unders markets in the Wigan-Fulham game, which was always destined to be a bore fest, as well as laying the draw in the Swansea-Bolton game and the Southampton-Middlesbrough game - neither disappointed. The only other action was my decision to lay Exeter at half time (2-1 up at Sheff Utd), a trade which would have eventually won, but I bottled it as the liquidity in the market wasn't good enough and I had a chance to get out at a good price and broke even.

In the late kick off between WBA and Liverpool I had a small scare with the ASP system as Liverpool took an early lead, but their flair soon petered out as per usual so I took a small profit. In my one speculation bet of the day further success ensued as I took a small amount from an over 1.5 treble. Overall I took a profit of £54.11 which is a fantastic sum given the awful midweek I had. This means that I am no longer at a loss and am even in profit of £12.34. I'm not sure how much trading I will get to do tomorrow as I have a bit of work to do at uni for Monday, but I will be trading a few games on the ASP system.

It was also a successful day for the SBHQ systems and I will be updating on Laytheodds soon. Below are the P+Ls for the day, you might notice a couple of half time score losses, but that was part of my ASP system, so as a whole they were all wins.

I received quite a few votes of confidence this week as I began to experience my first real down point of this blog, and I am very thankful to those who sent kind words. Good luck to everyone tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.

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