Monday, 30 January 2012

Back in the Game

Hi all. It's been a while.

After what has felt like a lifetime, I am finally back in the gambling world. Unfortunately I have lost everything on my laptop though after it was wiped and had the hard drive replaced. I guess it serves me right for not backing things up, but in fairness to me I didn't think my hard drive would fail after less than a year of having it. Not to worry though, because it means I can start afresh and having a little break has given me a chance to form a few ideas. I have decided that despite making money, I have had my finger in a few too many pies, so to speak. What I mean by this is I have been trying out too many techniques, systems etc. and not really sticking with them long enough to see if they really work out. I think I was a tad too keen to be making money and to be reaching my targets so I am going to temporarily abandon my targets whilst I look to find a couple of new systems which will help me in the long run. I have given myself a bank of £100 and will be using small stakes to begin with. I will be trying out two techniques, one is a type of dutching the CS market - nothing really new or interesting there, the other is a laying technique I have come up with myself, so we will see how they both go.

Not really been doing much trading throughout the Christmas period, odds bits and bobs, mainly just compiling data for a few things and a bit of punting, didn't end up with any significant losses or gains though. Over the last couple of weeks I have been continuing with Bonus Bagging to get myself a bit of capital. The guy who runs it has added a few more bookmakers which is good, and I have made about £40, with another lump in the process.

Not much else to tell to be honest as it has been a quiet month with no laptop and all, I'm just glad to be back for good. Just wanna say well done to Novak who continues to be phenomenal and wins me money on the way (not that he cares), Nadal did alright too. Some excellent pictures from the match, particularly here: (  I loved seeing the passion and desperate ecstasy in his face at the end, I can only imagine how that feels.

Watch this space.