Monday, 31 October 2011

Topsy Turvy week

This week certainly started abysmally as I was left with a whopping (for my budget) £41 loss going into the weekend, meaning I would have to clear almost £100 in a couple of days if I was to reach my weekly target. No chance, I thought. Midweek was pretty bad due to bad fortune and a few mistakes on my part which shall hopefully not be happening again. I am confident that from now on if the pre match trading routine takes a turn for the worst, I will be able to reduce my liabilities to a manageable amount. The £17 loss from the punt was a bit of a killer also, but with punting it tends to be swings and roundabouts, precisely why I'm not that keen on it. And also on reflection maybe it was a bit of a desperation bet, so maybe I should have just waited for the weekend instead.
As the weekend came I decided I needed to pull out all of the stops to reduce the deficit and hopefully make a little money. As I said last time, Saturday went very well and I experienced no losing trades. Sunday followed suit and was even more profitable, as I only lost one trade all day. After I had won a certain amount of money I was determined to reach the weekly £50 target and I am proud to say I did, after a mixture of general trading and ASP trading took us happily over the line. The ASP I used successfully on four games, particularly pleasing was the last game where I recorded my highest ever profit using the system, £10.07, albeit using higher stakes. For the Spurs game I traded the overs markets as well as laying the draw. The one loss came when I layed the 3-1 scoreline towards the end of the match, before trading out around the 86th minute for a small loss.
This means in total my weekly profit is £53.23, meaning I have secured my weekly target for a 3rd week in a row. In accordance with my new rules, 80% (rounded - £40) has been withdrawn, and 20% (£10) has been added to the bank, which now stands at £430. Also, this weeks results from the SBHQ are now up, you can find them here:

I hope you all enjoyed a profitable weekend and I wish you good luck for the coming week.

Results for week 3: Total - £53.23 (TFT - -£23.06 ASP - +£43.62 Other - +£27.87 )

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