Wednesday, 12 October 2011

11th October International dullness

Thankfully the international break is now over, though it has actually treated me pretty well today. The ASP system works a treat when the less interesting teams get together to see what they can do, which is normally nothing. I missed out big time when I got home too late to enter the Greece match, as it would have panned out perfectly for me, but as it happens it didn't matter too much. I used the Slovenia-Serbia and Bulgaria-Wales matches and was saved by a 45th minute goal in each game to turn decent profit of £9.97 and £4.54. It's good to savour these moments because I'm sure I'll be wishing for that last minute goal plenty of times when it won't come. Incidentally, I started a new P+L sheet from Sunday for the ASP as this is kind of a new start, and the old sheet was on -£1 anyway, so practically even.
Aside from this, I made a few quid here and there doing a bit of scalping, as well as some pre-match trading which I have mentioned before I am very interested in. I'm going to look into developing this as the season goes on. The Betfair P+L sheet below is distorted somewhat as it shows £66.10, this is because of the large wins on the Georgia and Poland games which were part of the matched betting from Bonus Bagging, so it isn't all profit. The actual profit amount for tonight is a more modest £16.80, but it is at least well over the £10 per night target for weekdays.
On the subject of Bonus Bagging, it has so far been going well though I am yet to lock in profit, due to the games being selected for me being ages away! Yesterday, due to a mistake from the owner on an outdated bet, I lost £8 (which will be subtracted from the weekly total) but I am sure I will make that back soon. The system itself could not be more straightforward, with 'Mike' laying everything out on a plate for you to do, and the only real ball-ache is registering with loads of new bookies - but for £10+ a pop, this really isn't much of a big deal. My only concern to date (apart from the out-of-date bet) is the obscurity of the bookmakers which are being thrown up, but I shall trust Mike's opinion that these are all secure and good enough.
That's it for now, my review on should be up and running soon as I have had a look through the manual and have written the introduction to the system, which I can now reveal as being Soccer Betting HQ ( I wasn't blown away by the manual but it does have some interesting techniques and I will look forward to reviewing them nevertheless.
From Monday 11th October my weekly total is £8.80. My overall total is £26.18. Can't see that I'll be doing much midweek trading with the non-existent fixture list available, but this weekend should bring good things. Have a good midweek all.

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