Thursday, 13 October 2011

A new review

There is not much to say today in terms of trading activity. Like I said before there isn't a great choice of games on this week so I haven't been up to much. I traded the Malmo-Hacken game to make a small £2.77 but not much else has been available and I don't want to force bets. What I have been doing however, is utilising the Bonus Bagging service. At present I have about 7 bets in the cyber world waiting to be settled so I can cash out, but with the lack of fixtures it's hard to match up bets quickly. So far I have cashed out £17.43 from one bet with a lot more to come.
In other news my review of Soccer Betting HQ is up and running and you can view it here: Any trading I do with it, whether it be profitable or not, I will not include in my weekly totals as it will probably break the rules I set out before and I will also be using a separate bank for this anyway. After the trial period I will decide whether or not to add it to my portfolio.
That's about it for now, can't wait for the weekend.
Good luck all.

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