Saturday, 30 July 2011

Successful Saturday.. onto Super Sunday?

It was a great Saturday today for me as all my bets came in. At one point it was all a little tight but it worked out in the end thankfully. Here is the write up of today's bets:

Bet one - J-League (Japan) - Iawata vs G-Osaka over 1.5 goals @ 1.26.
Pre kick off the odds were at an abysmal 1.13, so I left it for 15 minutes allowing for them to drift to 1.26, a very good price for such a certainty (in my opinion). Didn't bother laying it as I didn't see the need. Goals came in, story over.

Bet two - J-League - Yokohoma FM vs Omiya over 1.5 goals @ 1.36.
This bet was not quite so smooth due to the problem I outlined before the game - that they weren't as prolific as they could be. I chose to back them before the game in order to lay after the first goal, however the first goal took a while to come and the price had drifted too far for my liking. I got lucky in that it was the away team who scored, meaning the price was slightly lower, and I bailed out with a lay of 1.24 for a small profit. As it happens, the game went over 2.5 goals but I wasn't waiting around for that. In future, if teams have a first half goals bias, I will lay 0-0 half time score instead. Lesson learnt. 

Bet three - Norwegian Tippligaen - Molde vs Valerenga 5pm over 1.5 goals @ 1.2.
I was so sure of this bet that I took a risk in reinvesting my profit from the morning into this game. I didn't bother to trade out at any time as the price was so low. My extra tip of over 2.5 goals also came in, though not for a very long time, meaning my plan of backingtolay was fruitless. Unfortunately for me, I bailed out for a small loss around the hour mark, two minutes before the second goal, but c'est la vie. Any losses incurred from this had already been covered anyway, as I included an extra extra bet following my lesson from the Yokohoma game. I chose to lay 0-0 half time score @ 4.4, which came in after giving me a nice scare (44th minute goal).

So a good weekend in all and a few lessons learnt too, which is always handy. As the English season hasn't started yet I haven't been betting in huge amounts and have been mainly using the money from the 86p fund. These trades, along with a few successful trades/scalps in the Rangers match leaves me on a total of £208.52 - not bad indeed. (Approximate points profit was 13.7 for the day).

I will post some tips for tomorrow in a bit. 

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