Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How could I forget Goodwood?

One last thing before I sleeeeeepp - tomorrow's racing at Goodwood. Now I'm not a horse racing expert, I'm not really even a fan, but I know enough to know that tomorrow's race in the Sussex Stakes is lining up to be a classic. Frankel is a horse which has won me a lot of money, particularly last time out, and has also stunned my rookie self. His performances in the 2000 Guineas Stakes was the best I have ever seen (though admittedly I don't watch much racing), and led to me backing him for loads on his next race (less impressive, almost a shock right at the end, though still won). He is undefeated and brilliant, though apparently the jockey is not all that (top review here). On the other hand is Canford Cliffs, also a mighty horse. He was the winner last year, and took a great victory at Ascot over Goldikova. I have had less of a betting relationship with him, but I can still admire his talent. From what I've heard from the 'pros', this sounds like a race which could be replayed for years and years.

From a betting point of view, none of the experts know who is gonna win, so what chance do I have?! I will probably go with Frankel (very small bet) as I prefer him and it will make the race even more interesting from my POV. One thing's for sure though, one of those 2 will win it (though in a four-horse race that's hardly the prophecy of the century. Especially when Betfair will give you odds of only 1.03 if you dutch the two). Whoever you go with though, good luck and I hope you enjoy the race.

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  1. Goodwood horse racing is in full swing and is expected to be action pack. But too bad for me I'm too busy. It is much easier for me to watch it online than going to the Goodwood racetrack.