Thursday, 28 July 2011

Night off and looking forward to the new season

I haven't really found any games that I fancy tonight, not really a fan of early champo/europa qualifiers so I'll leave it be for now. The treble from last night was pretty dire, just as well I didn't bet on it. 2/3 but only just. I don't think I really had enough to go on to be honest and I'm not really going to count that in my research.
The 86p fund grew briefly yesterday before returning back to around where it was before. Frankel had put me up to around £140, but a bet of under 3.5 goals in the Lille-Marseille game put me back to £110. I have a tenner on Rory this week so I'm sitting on £100 precisely as it stands. The French bet was slightly annoying as usually that bet is taylor-made for games in France. Losing the bet, however, was soon forgotten amidst the mayhem that erupted from nowhere. 3-1 Lille in the 85th minute went to 5-4 Marseille in the 90th. When things like that happen I don't mind losing my bet quite as much.
Today I have been having a look at bets for the new season and I now cannot wait for it to begin. I'm still working but the most appealing one so far is laying Arsenal to succeed this season. I definitely don't think that they will muster a title challenge, but I also find it hard to envisage them making the top 3 or maybe even 4. At a lay price of 2.94 to make the top 3, and 1.8 to make the top 4, I might just have a small tinker. In addition to this, Arsenal have an extremely difficult first month with Newcastle (A), Liverpool (H), Man Utd (A). I think it's quite feasible that they could not win any of those first three games, which would see their top 3/4 prices drift significantly (opening up a lay opportunity). (I have added a picture of Arsene for those who don't know what he looks like. Fine figure of a man. Often angry these days.)

At 9.6 I have also been interested in 'Chicharito' for top scorer as a back2lay option. He is settled in England after a fantastic first season. He is first choice at United and will probably continue to play with Rooney sitting behind him gifting him chances. After a few goals I reckon that he could make some distance between himself and the rest of the pack, and would then be perfect for laying. Other options for a possible EW bet are Odemwingie, Ba and Gyan, but I'm still looking at those. Darren Bent (4.9) for top English goalscorer is very appealing.
Obviously all the bets I am looking at are based on the CURRENT squads, and I wouldn't dare make these bets before seeing who is bought. There are a number of high profile names still to make a decision such as Nasri, Fabregas, Drogba, Tevez, Berbatov, Modric, Sneijder, Pastore, Hulk, Falcao and many more. So it is quite clear that the transfer window has a LONG WAY to go.
Sorry if this has been a bit of a waffley post, just throwing out all my ideas, not really considering that people might read it. Anyway, enjoy your evening. Oh, and good luck to Stoke entering Europe for the first time. Total football anyone?

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