Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Not a bad evening... And 86p grows

So three out of four bets landed for tonight, not too bad. Crawley Peterborough was 2-4 and lived up to the goalscoring expectations based on last season. Can't wait for the new season to start to resume betting on Peterborough as they won me a lot of money last term. 
Twente stuttered a bit but got the result in the end, without exactly setting the place alight. I said I would trade out after the first goal but the odds had drifted so high in play that I would barely have even been in profit after a trade, so I chanced it and it paid off with them winning 2-0. In the build up to kick off the price for over 1.5 goals drifted past 1.4, which led me to heap a lot on this score, as these odds are crazy for only two goals in a game.
The last selection from Iceland didn't go quite to plan. I managed to back under 3.5 goals in play to recoup some of my losses on the under 2.5 market, but still ended up a little bit down on that one. Luckily due to the poor liquidity of that match on Betfair, I hadn't staked much. 
The big bet for me was Peterborough so I was glad that one came in to make me some nice mooooolah. As for the 86p fund which stood on around £69 at the start of the night, it has now risen to £98.64 thanks largely to Twente. Having a larger amount makes it a lot easier to win more, and I'm just gonna see how high I can get it. Be a nice thing to have on the CV. G'night.

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