Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What can I get for 86p...?

...Certainly not a bet on Betfair. Or can I? At the end of the (English) football season I chose to withdraw all my money from Betfair, intending to enjoy my money in the sun whilst eagerly waiting the coming season. Due to my neuroticism however, (needing to cash out in round numbers), I chose to leave the remaining 86 pence in my account and to forget about it. A month or two later, I discovered the pittance and chose to take an extremely hopeful punt on a game I was watching (Brazil women v USA women). At 1-0 Brazil I got good odds to lay them for a liability of 86p and watched as USA equalised and then went on to qualify, giving me a grand total of £5.38.

Now before I continue, I should say that I'm not claiming to be a genius for winning that bet - it was a huge fluke with money that had no other use. But it was an extremely handy fluke. After about 15-20 more bets and much backing and laying, the balance is at £78.19, thanks largely to Lewis Hamilton at the weekend, and Uruguay's success at the Copa America.
At the moment I'm quite enjoying making small bets each day in order to build up my stack. At times I'm only winning £2 or £3 but it is satisfying to know this has all come from 86p. I will post regular updates on how the 86p is getting on.

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