Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Frankely Brilliant

Missed the race at the time today, but after watching it 5 or 6 times over since I have decided that Frankel is my favourite ever horse (overtaking Ballabriggs my first National winner this year). He was light years ahead of Canford, it is only a shame that there were not more horses in the race as we might have got better odds on him, but then again maybe not. I decided to go cautiously and just used the 86p fund to have a tinker on Frankel. I also backed Canford to place at odds of 1.17 - not great but seemingly foolproof. In hindsight and in view of what I was saying yesterday, I should have lumped it on both to place at 1.17 and 1.15. But alas, I am always too cautious with racing as I am aware I know little, so probably the best policy. Also - hindsight is stupid and unrealistic.
Tonight I'm still looking at the markets, missed the early bird games but there's still a few good'uns on for later, so I'll update if I find anything interesting. Ta da

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