Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Weekend Round-up

It has been a very interesting weekend as I have been putting the ASP system into full flow. First words which pop into my head when thinking about it are; fun, highly addictive and time-consuming. I have enjoyed using it immensely and I think that it is plain to see that it does what it says on the tin; it will assure profits. The only downside to it is that it is quite time-consuming as, despite what the creators claim, it does usually take monitoring well into the second half and I also find myself watching the odds move throughout the game, meaning I am almost constantly involved. Luckily I rather enjoy doing this so, for now at least, it is not a chore to me.
Now, on to how I did. You will notice that when describing the system I didn't use any words such as 'highly profitable', which is not to say that it isn't, just because sometimes using it can be frustrating and pointless for such little reward. For instance, at the moment I am in a game where the most I can possibly win is £0.09 which all seems rather pointless for 45 minutes worth of work. It is, however, the case that mostly games do not go like this; most games seem to average around £3.50 profit which adds up nicely over a day's worth of trading.
The weekend saw me trade 18 games (1 of which is still in-play) and I had 14 winning trades and 3 losing trades. Below I have included a very handy P+L sheet, provided by the creators of the system, which shows all of my trades and my profits and losses.

As you can see I took a very nasty hit in the Brentford game, but as you should also be able to see in my added 'notes' section, it was not entirely my fault. Before the game the market had ample liquidity so I imagined that it would be fine to trade on, despite being a lower league game. I was sadly wrong and it cost me big time, but at least I will know not to make the same mistake again. Had the market adjusted properly I should have been able to reduce the loss down to about £2 or £3. This means that I have spent most of today trying to recoup my losses from yesterday, but I am now back in the black and I hope it will stay that way. Total profit thus far is £18.34 then, with one result left to come. This is not a huge amount of money for the amount of time and effort I have put in this weekend, not just trading but researching the games too, but at the moment I'm not fussed as I am still learning the ropes. The annual forecast is £3,347 but I am aiming to get that much higher in the coming weeks. In fact, if I take out my -£22 from Brentford it shoots up to over £7000, which is more like it.
Other notes which can be taken from my sheet is the 'Country' column I have added, which is obviously stating which country the game was played in, so that I can see which country has a higher profit ratio (once I have enough data) and begin to be a bit more select with my picks.
One last thing before I go; you may have noticed that the £ sign in the 'won' column on the second trade is not in the same position as all of the others. I have absolutely no idea why this is, but it is driving me crazy as it I always have to have things like this neat and perfectly set out. I have tried all manner of things, all to no avail, so if anyone knows how I could change it please tell me! I believe it originally did it because when entering the amount, I entered a £ sign also, which is unnecessary. Needless to say I have gone back and deleted the sign which I entered, but it still didn't help. (It is also annoying me that the image is trying to escape off of this page, but it is the only way which I can show you the whole spreadsheet. In the future I may crop the 'notes' section and just include them in the write up).
Anyway, enough from me, hope you all had a green weekend. Goodnight.


  1. The reason your £ may be in different places in different columns may be due to the formatting. In "accountancy" the £ is to the left of the cell, in "currency" it is next to the numbers. You can change this is the format cells menus.

    I am following this with interest as I have got ASP but found that the time to return ratio is pretty poor, given that I am currently setting up my own service (+100pts in the last 30days). If you can make it work then I may well put aside some time to trade also.

    You have been following me on twitter @bettorvalue

  2. Thanks for the help on that, it worked and has really cured the pain in my backside! As for the ASP I agree with what you are saying, it does take up a lot of time and if you only do one game at a time then the return is about £3 per game in a good game. I think that when I am more experienced with using it I should be able to record better results and do more games at once.
    Thanks for reading, good luck with your own service.