Friday, 12 August 2011

ASP System

Ignoring my blog earlier in the week, I decided to purchase the ASP e-book prior to my holiday, so that I could read it whilst away. Before reading it I was a little sceptical about the reviews I had read, as, having searched long and far for a money-making scheme that worked, I had not found one that both satisfied my position and had the potential to make me money. But these fears were soon quelled. The system is everything that I have been looking for over the past few years. I am no longer interested (and haven't been for a while now) in betting tipsters who are, in most circumstances, no better qualified to sell their guesses (for that is all they really are) than you or I.
I had always wanted a system and had always strived to create my own. I am still quite confident of coming up with one or two over my life as I am still very young and learning all the time. For now though, I can find no better system than the Assured Soccer Profits system to suit my current needs. It won't be for everyone - it won't make you a millionaire and it does take hard work, despite what the creators claim - but it can certainly make you over 10k per year if you put the effort in.
The e-book is extensive and covers most scenarios and, though it does tend to look upon things a little more optimistically than realistically at times, it should set you up and prepare you for most outcomes. If that isn't enough there are a series of very instructive videos to help you along the way, all for a small price of £89. Bar. Gain.
Despite being in love with the theory, putting it into practice is always the tough bit. I have found it extremely helpful to write out every outcome and what to do in the event of each outcome, so that I am not fazed by what might come (quite a crucial element to success in this case). If anyone wants a copy of this to reference/compare with theirs/nose at, feel free to email me, though it is only a basic document so don't get excited. So far I have only had time to trade 2 games, but both have been successful. The first game was a lovely straightforward (great for confidence) 1-0 first half (this will mean something to people using the system) and I pocketed £4.47 profit (could've been higher but I was taking it easy for my first go). The second game was slightly harder - 0-0 at half time - but I managed to get rid of my liabilities and even won 95p.
As you can see from my results, the wins aren't massive, but this means the losses aren't either (if you do it properly). Also, when doing 6 or 7 of these a day (definitely feasible) the profits will soon stack up to a few hundred per week. Stakes can be increased but I will wait until I'm more confident before doing this. The only downfall I can see in this system is greed. It will be tempting at times to hold out for a slightly higher profit, especially when profit levels are so small, but it is key that I don't. As highlighted previously in this blog, my discipline and naivety has a potential to be my downfall and it is with this in mind that I have DO NOT GAMBLE written all over my notes a billion times. In reality, however, I don't see that I will have too much of a problem with this system, as the lure of £6 rather than £4 isn't going to interest me much. The key to it is small, consistent, regular, profit. And I know this.
This has been quite a rambly post but its mainly because I'm so excited by this new prospect (I get like this when I find something new to play with). To end it promptly then, and summarise: I fully recommend this product. I'm not going to be on the Forbes Rich List 2012 but its still a worthy addition to my portfolio. And when I say portfolio, its more of a folder with this system in it. And nothing else.

Any thoughts/opinions/experiences people using the system have had are more than welcome. I'm very keen to hear how people using it for a longer time than me have found it. For now though, back to the 'holiday' and the Lady Gaga 'impressionist'...

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  1. hi there good to see you making steady profits, im new to trading and am struggling with asp .could you send me the asp document you made.
    email is 37years@gmail.
    regards mike.