Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Boring couple of days

So since the last time I updated I haven't had too much of a fruitful time, mainly because the games aren't as available throughout the week. In the evening there are cup competitions, but it is quite annoying that all of the games kick off at the same time, as with the starting bankroll being only £200, it means you can only do 3 or maybe 4 at a time. I much prefer the games to be spread throughout the day, but c'est la vie. I've had quite a few games winning only one or two pounds which is quite frustrating, but it is better than a loss anyway. Yesterday was about to become my best day so far as I was going to record a full bill of wins with decent wins, until I made a fatal error. In the Bury game I had inadvertently left a liability on AU of £13.70 and I really do not know why this is. I believed that I had wiped out all liabilities at half time because I even took it out of 'My Markets' on Betfair, as I thought my work was done it the game. After the game I checked it however, and found that Leicester's 94th minute goal (typical) had turned my £8.50 profit into a big loss, needless to say I was fuming. Especially as I'd worked very hard on it last night, particularly in the difficult Genk game, all for nothing. 
Luckily I am more of a silver lining type of guy and have learnt my lesson and will certainly not make the same mistake again. The next couple of days will be fruitless as I am going away again so will have no time to trade. This is rather annoying as I was really looking forward to trading the Udinese-Arsenal match. I dread to think what would happen if Arsenal go out tonight, I'm caught between my like/admiration of Wenger and my typical English mannerism - enjoying people failing. 

Good day and happy trading.

Sorry if the picture is a bit small, I just wanted to fit it on the screen this time.

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