Monday, 1 August 2011

Football's coming home...

So as another successful day draws to a close I thought I would take some time to do another post. GAIS vs Halmstads is still in-play but the bet was settled after 15 minutes so a successful one there. I have a small stake on GAIS to win (currently 1-1) against a very poor Halmstads team, so hopefully that will round off a good day.
Yesterday was not so good unfortunately and I lost about £35 of the 86p fund, luckily not too much. I did say that I wasn't as confident about the two bets and that fear was soon realised. In the first bet of the day featuring Helsingborgs vs IFK Goteburg I recommended a lay of 0-0 as a half time score after about 15 minutes of play. I noted that I was not as confident about the over 1.5 so didn't bother taking that option. As it went, the game finished 2-1 after all second half goals, so rather disastrous. The 0-0 HT score lay is something new that I am testing and have only done it twice. After a near miss on Saturday from Molde and a failed Sunday, it is rather easy to feel downbeat about this system. I will, however, continue to persevere as I think it will be profitable in the long run. One defeat is a stupid thing to be pessimistic about.
In the other tip I gave, I was unimpressed with the starting price of over 1.5 goals so suggested waiting for it to drift before backing. Two early goals soon ruled that out meaning that tip was a NO BET. Ironically the two games I had for Finland were successful, but if I can't bet them on Betfair it is pointless as bookies just don't give the value. Today I noticed to my annoyance that there was a full market for the Finnish game playing, I have no idea why it picks specific games to have a full selection of bets on. If anyone can help me out with that one it would be appreciated.

This weekend sees the return of the football which everyone has been waiting for: the 'real' football (sorry to any non-western European readers). I personally can't wait to get my teeth stuck in to a fresh new season with so many more options for betting. I know that I have only been tipping one or two a day with a very low ROI since I started, but once Saturday kicks off I will have a much greater range (hopefully). Already got one interesting one lined up for Friday - Hull vs Blackpool. I imagine there to be goals there to cut the ribbon of the Championship season 11/12. Blackpool were fantastic to bet on last year, and whilst Hull weren't at all, especially at home, they have had a brilliant pre-season and have made some good signings so I'm looking forward to that one (especially as I'm at uni in Hull too).

I'm pretty busy this week so hopefully you will forgive me for irregular posts. I don't think I fancy anything tomorrow but I will have a closer look at the European games for midweek. Good luck with anything you try though. Bring on the weekend.

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