Saturday, 20 August 2011

So far so good

At last I am back at home and shall now finally be able to get back to proper betting and using the ASP system. Being away hasn't stopped me from from trading completely however, and I have been able to try out the new system further. I have made about 12 trades over the last week and things seem to be going quite well. So far I have had only three losing games, all with a very manageable loss of under £2.50 each. The rest of the games have been successful ranging from profits of £0.45 to £9.02 (I had one game the other night which followed a very strange betting pattern with Any Unquoted odds being available to lay at 14 after a goalless 75 minutes so I increased my stakes and took a profit of £17, but I won't count that in the system's report). Starting from today I will look to records my trades properly, giving a starting bank and a P+L. 
Today I have successfully traded the Sunderland-Newcastle game, and just waiting on the result of the Arsenal-Liverpool game as well. Later I am considering Augsburg-Hoffenheim, Hull-Palace, Forest-Leicester and probably some evening games but I haven't looked yet. I have found the system easy to use, though in fairness I haven't faced a tough first half yet, it has mainly been goalless or very low-scoring. I have made a couple of additions for myself, which some of you might find beneficial - First one is introducing a back of the HT score being 0-0, normally at odds of 2.6-3.6. I have found this to be particularly helpful as, when picking games liable to low scorelines the 0-0 scoreline isn't too uncommon so this provides extra green which can be used to get rid of liabilities and normally leave me in profit too. At around 40 minutes I lay the 0-0 HT score (if 0-0 obviously) for around 1.08 in the hope of a late goal. 
My second addition is something I was advised on Twitter when talking to others using the system, which is to keep my 0-0 liability as low as possible. I now increase my AU liability to about £60 and try to keep the 0-0 at around half of this in order to make for a quick breakaway at HT. So far this has worked brilliantly but I will keep testing before increasing my stakes higher.
On a side note, I just finished watching the Arsenal-Liverpool game and it really does look like a downward spiral for Wenger and Arsenal at the moment. I really don't know what he is playing at by not spending any of the money at his disposal. I appreciate he has his morales and beliefs but when they aren't succeeding anymore, surely it's time to change? It could cost him his job. The £30m Udinese game is now absolutely crucial for him.
Enough from me, hope you enjoy your weekend and that it is a green one all round.

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