Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Worst Penalty of all time

This week I have been absent from the trading world as I have decided to take a break until things cool down for me a bit. I'm going back to university in a couple of weeks but before that I am going to Barcelona, having a birthday and need to see all the people I like before I depart. Not to mention the insane amounts of packing which I have now become accustomed to. Not much has changed since my last post but I thought I should give a small update during this rain-break on the Djokovic situation. The odds to lay outright are currently 2.02 and I am still not going to trade out yet due to the odds of him in the quarters being a mere 1.05. In addition to this Murray and Nadal are not even through their fourth-round matches yet (Nadal currently 3 games down in set 1), and whilst I expect them both to win, a tough ride could help to chop Djoko's odds. The odds briefly went down to 1.91 after a kneejerk reaction to Nadal's spectacular collapse after his last match. After the initial shock and a below-par performance from Djokovic himself (despite winning 3-0), the odds are back to evens. I'm hoping he will breeeeeeeeeeeeze through the quarters and the odds will plummet, leaving me in the big-time green.

As I have a distinct lack of trading to report of, I thought I'd provide something else for this week. Today a video clip has been circulating Twitter after an abysmal penalty yesterday from *somewhere* in Egpyt I think. I found the funniest bit to be the Keeper for the opposing team, not content with the embarrassment for the poor man-in-red, he was determined to have him booked for [presumably] attempting to dummy after approaching the ball. Tad harsh.

It did get me thinking about all the other wonderful penalty attempts I've seen over time. Berbatov's versus Everton in the FA cup semi final at Wembley, whilst heartbreaking at the time, was in hindsight a dreadful attempt. My all time favourite though, was the Arsenal attempt at recreating something the genius Johan Cryuff had once come up with. I remember Wenger being absolutely furious at them as they were only 1-0 up at the time it happened, though unfortunately they still won 1-0 if I am to remember correctly. I can't help but agree with the title of this video... as if they could be as good as Johan. As if.

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