Friday, 16 September 2011

Back to business shortly...

It should now be only a short time until I am back in business in the betting world. And to be quite honest, I have missed it. Although it has been only a couple of weeks since my last proper bets, I still find myself regularly checking Betfair for the latest odds of the different matches playing at the time and constantly finding bets I could be betting on. The Djokovic outright bet (obviously) paid off, with him crucifying Rafa in the final to continue the outrageous run which he has been on this season. I traded off my liabilities at a slightly disappointing 2.22 (mainly due to the Big 4 all reaching the semi-finals), but I was soon glad of anything as he went down 2 sets in the semis to Fedz. Luckily he scraped through and I adjusted the bank to 70:30 in Djokovic's favour for the final, meaning a decent profit of around £85. This has been quite a good demonstration of the opportunities that lie in the Grand Slam events of the tennis world I feel, and I will certainly look into it further next season, possibly with bigger sums.

Returning to University for me will begin a new betting season and I have decided to step up my activities somewhat. I will spend the next couple of weeks finalising plans but by the end of September I hope to be trialling and reviewing at least 2 other betting systems, in addition to the ASP system I am already running. On top of this I will be providing weekly tips for anyone interested in that aspect of betting. I have also decided to set myself targets each week, for instance I will be looking to make £X per week (I am yet to decide the amount). I will look to set a weekly loss limit, which, if reached, will mean the end of my betting for that week. If I am to reach my weekly profit target four times in a row (all of these figures are examples, I'm not sure of the actual numbers yet) then I will increase my target by around 10%. If I am consistently successful, I will be banking the majority of my profits (around 90%) and leaving 10% in to increase the bank size. All of this will commence when I receive a new betting bank, A.K.A. My Student Loan. I think that this more organised form of betting will help to improve my discipline and bring in steady profits, as well as reduce any potential losses. As I am not trying to sell you anything I have the luxury of being completely honest throughout the season, and will be posting regular P+L sheets, as well of the majority of the things I will bet on, so feel free to follow my progress throughout the year. I intend to reach the target by any means possible, i.e. systems, punting, trading, scalping etc.

Until then though, I hope you have a profitable couple of weeks. Below I have a few screenshots of the season bets I recommended in earlier posts. Thanks to the start from the two Manchester clubs, as well as the disasters down in London, I have been able to trade out and withdraw my money to top up my holiday bank. The Best of the Rest bet I will probably leave all season, as I really believe City will finish above all of those listed (maybe I will put a small amount on the others if the odds get down to 1.05 or something). I only wish I had had more capital at the time of putting the bet on, as I would have put the earth on it. The other bet is less certain but for now I'm happy to leave it as it is as my total risk is £0, just how we like it.


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