Saturday, 3 September 2011

Novak the beautiful man

Unfortunately there has been no ASP results to report of this week since my last post, as I have been rather busy and at the moment I am finding the system rather time consuming, meaning I need to have a decent chunk of time to put my all into it. There were two other results not really worthy of a print screen update, a £0.15 win and a £5.17 win from France, and these were both achieved on the same day of my last update, just after I had already published my post.
As I knew I would be busy this week, I lumped all of my ASP bank (£235) onto Novak Djokovic at the US Open. So far the gamble has worked wonders with Novak doing the bizzo in the early rounds and any sign of the injury (which I feared) seems to have vanished. After a slightly delayed reaction to the beginning of the tournament and a bigger price on Novak, I managed to back him prior to his first round match at 2.66 for £135 whilst simultaneously laying him at 1.02 for £150 in the first round. After breezing through the first round (and losing me £3) the odds dropped to 2.6, where I topped up another £100 before laying him again at 1.02 in the second round (for only £3 again). After only dropping two games in the second round his price plummeted to 2.12 (where I layed for £35 so I could lay him in round 3), presumably with the mare from Andy Murray in round 2 contributing also. Given the short price of 1.04 for tonight's third round match, I think I will oppose him for £200 (liability £8) and then green up in the outright market whatever the price, another 3 set game would do wonders. As yet I am unsure whether to leave the green all on him or how to spread it. I do not have masses of tennis knowledge but anyone I have spoken to seem to agree that, should his injury not reappear, he should walk the tournament. I think it is most likely that if he is to go out, it will be to one of the big boys, so I will probably wait until the semis before adding a little green to the other semi-finalists (if he gets there). So that's all I've been up to this week really, nothing ground breaking but potentially a nice little profit for no effort. I was disappointed to see the awful liquidity in the Shanghai Snooker Masters on Betfair, with Betdaq not even appearing to offer snooker markets. I thought snooker was bigger than that in this country, but maybe it is only for the English tournaments or the ones on the BBC.
Anyway, I should be back to football trading on Monday so my next post shall be around then. For now though, back to watching International games. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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