Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What a season

Evening all, what an incredible season we have just witnessed, I for one am very sad it has come to an end. As a United fan I didn't take too kindly to the events on Sunday, but we move on and I congratulate City on a fantastic achievement. My thoughts on that matter can be viewed in greater depth over on my other blog (, so here I will just be talking about my betting results. Due to the traditional nature in which all of the games were played at the same time on Sunday, I didn't really have time to trade many of them, as I was busy watching United and don't really like to trade when they are playing. I made a small loss on the Arsenal game but that was about it. I did however, lay United to win the title at 1.36 for £25 when Dzeko equalised in the 92nd minute. I only really did this as I had a small green on United, so I sacrificed that and luckily it paid off. Had there been more liquidity (and time), I would have evened out my profit on the straight forecast market, as I had £170 on United-City but only £115 on City-United, but at least I managed to make a bit extra on the outright bet. Total amount from the settlement of the long-term markets was £158.96, in addition to the money from the Best of the Rest market reported last week, so not too bad at all. I posted a long long time ago (back at the start of the season) that I had an each way lucky 15 bet on outright winners of the Prem, Championship, League 1 and 2. I staked £15 on Man Utd, West Ham, Huddersfield and Oxford Utd (?!?!) each to win their league, none of which did, and I was returned £3.70. A minor loss but for the enjoyment it has given me over the year it is well worth it and I will be having another fun bet like this next year. Be sure to look out for my selections so you can avoid them ; )

Not much else to report here except for the fact that my P+L has breached £1000 for the first ever time, as you can see on the right. This may not seem like masses to some of you, but I am extremely happy with this, especially as a small-time trader with small targets, and besides, I'm still only 20 years old. This has been my first full year of trading and it has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I will be posting a full review of the season soon. I have no real angles on Saturday's big game, except maybe a small punt on the Drog to score, but I am already beginning to look forward to the Euros and preparing my bets for what could be a firecracker. Enjoy your week people, I hope you enjoy the final on Saturday.

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