Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

This is just a short message to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. I was going to do a review of the weekend's football but, to be quite honest, I cannot be bothered! I have plenty more chocolate and other delicacies to enjoy between now and New Year, and everything I talk about will be different in two days anyway (after the Boxing Day fixtures). The Christmas calendar is one of my favourite times in the football season, meaning I will probably be enjoying the games whilst eating, rather than trading!

I hope you all have an excellent Christmas, I will be back after a short festive break.

Festive fixtures - England vs Germany, 'No Man's Land', December 25th 1915.


  1. And to you, Bet19, and to you!

  2. Hi there Bet19. As I couldn't found anywhere on your site your contact details, I have decided to write you here...

    Could you add my site to your links please? I have just opened my page... It's on:

    I can add yours to on my site if you wish...

    Marry Xmas and happy new year.

  3. All done. Merry Christmas to you too.