Thursday, 26 July 2012

Happy bloggerversary

I am very pleased to say that I have survived a whole year in the blogging world, and I am still as enthusiastic as I was when I started. When looking back to my first post exactly a year ago today, there is a distinct innocence in the piece and it is extremely difficult to not end up being condescending towards myself, as I began my journey in blogging my betting life. I do feel however, that amongst my naivety is a necessary development path which I have slowly trudged along this past year, vastly expanding my knowledge and understanding of the industry along the way. From 'tipping' over 1.5s to throwing money at moneymaking systems, I have matured as the year has passed and I hope this is something which I have been able to express in my posts. I know full well that I am far from the finished article, as I doubt anyone is, and I may look back in a years time and laugh at myself further. But, to quote myself, the fact remains that 'I am not a professional gambler, far from it, I just do it in my spare time to raise some extra cash. Mostly however, I do it simply because I enjoy it immensely and get huge satisfaction from researching a result which comes up trumps.' And this is all that really counts. I love the learning curve, and I love telling you all about it, and this has made for a half-decent blog.

I want to thank every for reading and commenting on the blog, to date I have had 8450 views over the past year, and this is more than I ever dreamed when starting up 365 days ago. I would particularly like to thank the guys at Centre Court Trading and Green All Over as, according to Blogger's stat monitor, they have directed a lot of traffic my way over the past year. Of course, I am also pleased to have recorded a profit of over £1000 since October, and I hope this coming season I can push on and achieve even greater profits. 

I have really enjoyed this year, so much so that I am now seriously considering trying to get a job in the betting industry after my degree, (so if anyone can give me any help on that front, that would be great!)

Here's to another good year, best wishes people.


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