Saturday, 9 June 2012

A good start, but I won't jump on Russia thanks

The Euros kicked off with a bang yesterday and it was a good day all round for myself. Poland vs Greece luckily wasn't the bore fest that everyone was expecting (though it did still end up under 2.5), and the Russia match was very entertaining from start to finish. The Russians played some brilliant football at times and, with better finishing, they could have won by even more. The reaction in the betting markets after the game however, was a bit over the top. It is quite natural for Russia to shorten in many of the markets, but I think we will see a drift by the end of the week, as none of the major forces have played yet. The fact still remains that Russia will have to play a team from group B in the quarters, most likely Holland or Germany, and I still question their ability to beat either of those, or even Portugal if they are to progress. It's never really a good idea to enter the betting market AFTER the reaction (unless you're laying of course), so I will not be backing Russia any time soon.

From a personal point of view, the matches played out beautifully for all of my bets. In addition to my bets outlined in the previous post, I added France and Netherlands in the outright market for £15 each, group C to be the lowest scoring group (as advised on my other blog), a mad long accumulator of all the opening matches (only a pound's worth), and Van Persie was selected to be my man for the Ladbrokes top scorer free bet offer. Along with these, the bookies are doing a lot of spontaneous offers throughout the days and Paddy Power have restarted their enhanced odds specials (for more details see my Paddy 'ell post from a few weeks back). Coral have also cottoned on to the idea and did their first enhanced special on Twitter yesterday (which I missed), so I will be keeping a watchful eye over their Twitter pages in the next few weeks. Bet365 are doing their brilliant £50 free in-play offer which should see me take around £30 guaranteed. If you don't know how to match bet this free bet there are guides online, it is quite straightforward and is an excellent opportunity for a small bonus. My outright group winner accumulator had a good start yesterday as Russia won emphatically and the other two drew, leaving Russia in pole position for next week. It was also a big boost for my bet on group C to be the lowest scoring group, as before the kick off group A were favourites for this, but 7 goals soon corrected that. And lastly the mug accumulator I put on went to plan as I had draw in Poland game then a Russia win, so only 6 more results to go! I won back my £1 stake though and a bit more as I took £4.32 for laying 2-1 in the Russia match, in my only real bet during the match.

Tonight I have Germany and Holland to win, and would like them both to win for my outright bets too. Preferably Germany will spank Portugal and Holland only just beat Denmark, but again I want to see lots of goals! Good luck everyone, yesterday was brilliant and the weekend's line up looks even better. Enjoy.

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