Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Review of the week

Well what a cold week we have had! Great for an excuse to stay in and trade, but not so good when all the games are being called off! Luckily though we had a full bill of Premier League action to entertain ourselves with, and it was a fairly successful week for me. Things are a bit confusing at the moment though because I am still doing a spot of matched betting, and this really confuses the P+Ls in Betfair. From what I can tell though, both of my systems are in profit for week one of the trial period. System one, which is a lay-to-back technique, had many ups and downs throughout the week as it can be used on nearly every game, but finally finished in profit of a whopping £1.71. This was after betting on 21 games, and using stakes of *on average* £3.50. Not very much I know, but I'm pretty happy that I am in profit in the opening week, especially as I am still working out proper guidelines for myself and looking to establish a bit of consistency with my stakes. My profit could be about £5 better off but for a mistake in the early kick off yesterday which made me pretty annoyed. Basically Arsenal went one up very early against Blackburn, so I layed Arsenal for £22 and was hoping that Blackburn would score. They did, and I could have taken a £5 profit on all outcomes. For some reason though, I was waiting for a couple more ticks before trading out. I waited too long and Arsenal shot back straight away before banging in another 5, leaving me with a loss on Arsenal. Another lesson learnt, trade when you have the chance and don't ponse about trying to make an extra 20p. In addition to this, I took today off as I was out for the Newcastle game (which would have shown a profit) and I try to avoid betting on United when I can (and that would have returned a very large profit). So if I can become more consistent with this it should be able to reward me.

System 2, which is simple correct scores dutching, was much more profitable and brought in £13.10. With these selections I am much more selective, so throughout the week I only dutched 9 games, having 7 winning and only 2 losses. Trading the results throughout the match meant that I experienced lower profits, but it was a much safer way of doing things, as I try to make my maximum loss 50% of my initial stake (similar to how Lambretta does it on My biggest loss was £2.44 using this, which is pleasing given that I'm using stakes of £5, (biggest win was £7.09).  

As for the Bonus Bagging, the cogs are in motion and I'm just working on making a hundred or so on free bets. Tomorrow will be another chance to take advantage of Bet365s free in-play bet, where I should be able to make about £30. Not too shabby for very little effort, especially as I made less after a whole weeks work.

My review of Soccer Betting HQ on Laytheodds has resumed and you can find the link on the right of this page. I hope you all had a good weekend, and I hope it gets a lot warmer this week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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