Friday, 2 December 2011

Here's to the freakin' weekend..

This week has been a bit quiet on the trading front as there weren't too many stand-out opportunities in my mind. Monday started off with a small loss in the Charlton game, but Tuesday was successful as my discipline was good and helped me to make really small sums at a time. Keeping stakes low in order to take little profits is exactly what I am looking to do at the moment, as it will certainly help me to keep my discipline when I return to bigger sums. Wednesday went the other way as my stake was a bit too large and the bet ended up being a loss, and it was not helped by my stop-loss method which was well too late in the game. I incurred a loss of £12 that night. Total for the week so far is -£13.75, though I have a £5.37 green resting on Martin O'Neill, so if he would just confirm the appointment that would be handy.

In addition to this my £2-£1m challenge (details can be seen here began in poor fashion and fell at the first hurdle first time around. I had a fourfold on over 1.5 goals but it only managed 3/4, Arsenal-City being the let-downs. I will try another go at it next week.

I have also been thinking about another experiment based around something which has always been a keen subject of mine: the draw. Those of you who are familiar with Pete Nordsted might have seen his blog on last year, where he picked three draws out each week with the idea that only one needed to come in to cover stakes (and make a tiny profit). I followed this method for a while and it was certainly something which caught my eye, being particularly effective as the bookies rarely know how to price up the draw. I used to place £10 singles on each of his picks, along with a £1 treble on all three, and I think the treble came in about 3 times over the season, at odds of around 35/1. This week I have decided that I will run a small experiment, where I will back three draws in a treble each weekend for £1 only. Should a treble come in, I would then take the profit (probably around £30) and back 30 different draw trebles, in the hope of hitting two at least. Should this be successful, I would continue in the same fashion and back 60 trebles, etc etc. Should it be unsuccessful, I would start again. In addition to this I might also do a £1 trixie on three draw selections, but I'm still to decide on that. If you wish to follow my progress with this I will post my draw tips each week and let you know how I get on. This week my three draws are: Blackburn vs Swansea, Blackpool vs Reading and Cardiff vs Birmingham.

Also, days 11,12 and 13 of the Soccer Betting HQ review are now up and can be found here: And for those of you who are in the mood to read today, have a look at my other blog post concerning David De Gea:

Good luck for the weekend everyone.

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